Villa Rothschild Restaurant – Christian Eckhardt – 2-star Michelin Guide

Villa Rothschild Restaurant - Christian Eckhardt - 2-Star Guide Michelin - Restaurant "Villa Rothschild" under the direction of Christian Eckhardt in Königstein near Frankfurt is considered the best restaurant in Hesse, the light gourmet

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The Villa Rothschild Restaurant captivates with a particularly venerable location in the luxury hotel. A house with a great history, a unique view over the Main area, a special place for weddings. A two-star restaurant, with one of the high-flyers in the German gourmet sky, Christian Eckhardt. A table for the special dinner only available by reservation far in advance, the special reputation of Villa Rothschild, called a gourmet temple in the Hessian region and my location for a special dinner at Villa Rothschild Restaurant.

After more than ten years under the management of Christoph Rainer, the restaurant with two gourmet stars and 17 points in Gault Millau was taken over by the then sous-chef Christian Eckhardt, who can look back on an impressive career with his 32 years.

Address Villa Rothschild Restaurant

Restaurant “Villa Rothschild”
Kempinski Hotel Villa Rothschild
In the Rothschildpark 1
61462 Frankfurt

Villa Rothschild Restaurant - Christian Eckhardt - 2-Star Guide Michelin - Restaurant "Villa Rothschild" under the direction of Christian Eckhardt in Königstein near Frankfurt is considered the best restaurant in Hesse, the light gourmet

Villa Rothschild Restaurant – Christian Eckhardt – Background

After his apprenticeship at the Hotel Bareiss in Baiersbronn and the subsequent takeover in the 3-star restaurant “Bareiss” of Claus-Peter Lumpp (19 points Gault Millau), Christian Eckhardt changed to the restaurant “Aqua” at the Ritz Carlton Wolfsburg under the direction of Sven Elverfeld (19 points Gault Millau) and to Andreas Caminda (chef of the years 2008 and 2010, 19 points Gault Millau) in the 3-star restaurant “Schloss Schauenstein (Fürstenau, Switzerland)”. In 2011, Christian Eckhardt moved to Villa Rothschild as sous chef, before being responsible for the Villa Rothschild Restaurant since March 2014.

Villa Rothschild Restaurant – expectations and impressions

The Villa Rothschild Restaurant with ten tables and 35 seats invites in a stylish ambience to special taste experiences and offers especially in the summer months with the attached outdoor terrace a special highlight not far from the Main metropolis.

My expectations for the evening were naturally very high after the all positive reviews in various magazines – Christian Eckhardt’s own description of his cuisine increased my curiosity even further. A “light modern cuisine with classic basic features”.

Especially when it comes to gourmet cuisine, I like a mix of light dishes, edible cuisine without too many experiments and a connection to regional products. Rather a touch puristic than overdone, rather harmonious than extraordinary and indefinable.

To get a good cross-section of the cuisine of Christian Eckhardt, “Hessian Greetings” sounded perfect, which I would like to present to you below. The naturally possible wine trip I have again exchanged for a non-alcoholic cocktail trip and there completely trusted the team around restaurant manager and sommelier Benjamin Birk.

Villa Rothschild Restaurant – Christian Eckhardt – Menu

Hessian greetings


Norwegian scallop – raw & fried
Beet, creme fraiche, Osietra caviar.
Cocktail: Inge – ginger beer, cucumber, lemon, tonic


Rock red mullet – fried
Vongole Veraci, fennel salad, Buddha’s hand
Cocktail: Fennel Drink – fennel, fresh OJ, almond liqueur


Breton sole – “crunchy”
Passepierre seaweed, green almonds, dried tomatoes
Cocktail: Basil Milk – tomato essence, milk, basil, thyme


Pigeon of Claude Mieral – breast & leg
salsify, rutabaga, hibiscus
Cocktail: Flying Hibiscus – hibiscus syrup, cranberry juice, lime juice, cinnamon


Thai Garden – tart & fruity
Iced coconut, tamarind, lotus root
Cocktail: Thai Dream – fresh mango, passion fruit, lime juice, raspberry


I have to admit, my expectations were very high, the advance praises that the team of Christian Eckhardt and Benjamin Birk got everywhere, aroused my curiosity for each and every course and after a beautiful evening above the rooftops of Frankfurt, I can also confirm that Christian Eckhardt is currently one of the high-flyers of the gourmet scene.

A motivated and ambitious chef with a penchant for the special look – each course individually a coordinated experience and each ingredient perfectly selected. It is rare that really the entire menu perfectly merge, you as a guest in the restaurant eagerly await the next taste experience and begin to explore the plate.

A perfect combination and harmony of regional and exotic products – no dominating moments – but a taste experience. I can only confirm the announcement of Christian Eckhardt to offer a “Light modern cuisine with classic basic features” and has been completely successful.

A special feature that simply must be highlighted in the evening are the non-alcoholic cocktails perfectly matched to the various courses, selected by Benjamin Birk. It is very rare that really in each course the taste by the cocktail one hundred percent met and supported the dish. A very good mixture and an unrestricted clear recommendation! Many thanks here once to Benjamin Birk for the special experience!

After the experience at the Villa Rothschild Restaurant in Königstein im Taunus, I can absolutely understand why this restaurant is currently considered a top tip of gourmet gastronomy in Germany and can recommend it without reservation. Gourmet cuisine modern and “edible” interpreted and difficult to choose a personal favorite from the various courses. My recommendation therefore – try once yourself and perhaps like me also, with a subsequent overnight stay in the luxury hotel to combine.

I look forward to seeing you again above the rooftops of Frankfurt and will certainly also enjoy dining here during an overnight stay at the Falkenstein Grand Hotel in Königstein.

I’ve often been asked in recent weeks whether I’d rather dine at Sra Bua by Juan Amador again in Frankfurt, or at Christian Eckhardt’s Villa Rothschild restaurant. My personal favorite is definitely Christian Eckhardt’s cuisine at Villa Rothschild Restaurant. Other Kempinski restaurants that convinced me were the Esszimmer at the Adlon and the Asian cuisine at Sra Bua Berlin.

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