Villers Restaurant Leipzig – Fine Dining Experience with Hannes Schlegel – Fuerstenhof Leipzig

Villers Restaurant Leipzig - Fine Dining Event - Gourmet Restaurant - Hotel Fuerstenhof - with Hannes Schlegel - Luxury Hotel Fuerstenhof Leipzig - Luxury blogger and lifestyle blogger - Elegant gourmet cuisine and patisserie

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Where can I go for a good and elegant dinner in Leipzig? Is there a special restaurant in Leipzig for a wedding proposal, for an elegant business dinner or before going to the opera? Those who have known my lifestyle blog for a few years will certainly know my love for Leipzig, the people and also hotels. I always enjoy being in Leipzig and am happy to answer this question as well. If it should be a touch more noble, but still human – I always choose Villers Restaurant at Tröndlinring 8, in the immediate vicinity of Leipzig’s city center.

Villers Restaurant Leipzig – Fine Dining Experience with Hannes Schlegel – Fuerstenhof Leipzig

Villers Restaurant always offers a little trip back in time as soon as you enter the Fuerstenhof in Leipzig. The historic building of the Leipzig banker Eberhard Heinrich from 1777/1778 is a classicist patrician palace and in many parts you can still recognize the influences of that time.

The restaurant Villers is available to hotel guests of the Fuerstenhof Hotel, which belongs to the Luxury Collection of Mariott Hotels, as well as to external guests, of course, and offers a cozy and elegant atmosphere.

Villers Restaurant Leipzig - Fine Dining Event - Gourmet Restaurant - Hotel Fuerstenhof - with Hannes Schlegel - Luxury Hotel Fuerstenhof Leipzig - Luxury blogger and lifestyle blogger - Elegant gourmet cuisine and patisserie

I myself have stayed at the Fuerstenhof Hotel several times, including in the beautiful Brockhaus Suite, which I have already presented in a video. It’s just always that moment of arriving, being welcomed and immediately feeling at home.

As it is every time again in the Hotel Fuerstenhof, so it is also in the restaurant Villers, the staff friendly, eager, very courteous and yet with a combination of charm and elegance. I like exactly this kind, somewhat familiar and yet highly professional. For me it is always a guarantee for a good evening.

You can simply slow down and enjoy the evening, talk and exchange ideas with your partner or even business partners in a pleasant atmosphere.

As soon as you take a seat, you forget everything around you and enjoy the place. It’s hard to imagine that this restaurant is on Leipzig’s inner city ring road. You see large crystal chandeliers, classicist ambience, lovingly set tables and can choose from different menus.

The compositions of chef Hannes Schlegel are a mixture of French cuisine and international influences and are known far beyond the borders of Leipzig. In addition, he provides almost all dishes with the finest herbs from the region and thus gives the dishes a special and unique touch.

Fine-dining friends will already be familiar with Hannes Schlegel through many stations. After his apprenticeship in the restaurant of the Gewandhaus Leipzig, he first moved to Switzerland and then to the USA and Finland. But the heart remained in Leipzig and who has already cooked in star restaurants (such as the “Jaspers” in Lucerne and the “Adelboden” in Steinen), would also like to offer fine dining in Leipzig and for this the Villers in Leipzig is the perfect address.

The friendly team at Villers Restaurant is complemented by Swen Pommering, for whom it is also a return to the old place of work it. After he did his apprenticeship at the Hotel Fürstenhof and then stations at Schloss Fuschl, Raffles Hotel Dubai, Louis C. Jacob, Zollenspieker Faehrhaus, 25hours Hotel Hafen City, he came back to the Hotel Fuerstenhof and Villers Restaurant and is now responsible for more than 200 selected wines and offers the perfect match between high culinary art of Hannes Schlegel and complementary wines that further emphasize the taste.

Villers Restaurant Leipzig – Fine Dining Experience with Hannes Schlegel – A look at the menu

The regularly changing menu always offers special culinary journeys and convinces especially with beautifully decorated plates.

It is always an experience to look forward to the differently coordinated dishes and thus to experience and discover the various combinations. A typical restaurant at Villers looks like this, for example, and is aimed at friends of a special fine dining experience in Leipzig:

Duck Liver “French Toast”
red onion | apricot | lardo | bitter almond | cranberry | brioche

Imperial pigeon breast
cauliflower | truffle | beet | quince

Chicory | saffron velouté
Rabbit | Corn | Pepper | Pineapple

Turbot & caviar
beurre blanc | egg yolk | chives | kohlrabi | pea

Pointed cabbage | Mustard | Boudin noir | Marjoram | Potato

Raspberry sorbet | Dresden gin

Rack of Lamb |
asparagus | wild garlic | pancetta | potato tree cake

Veal Fillet & Cheeks
Fregola | Saint Nectaire | braised carrot | rosehip

Vanuari Noir Chocolate “Michel Cluizel
passion fruit | cocoa | coconut

Cheese specialties from raw milk

As a guest, I always find it very pleasant to be able to choose the courses freely, and so at Villers it is also possible to decide on just 4 courses (or 5, 6, 7) and of course to choose different dishes from the menu.

Personally, I always find it very important to be able to decide for myself what I feel like and have an appetite for that evening and what not. For an exclusive dinner with friends and a lot of time, you might want to have an extensive menu, for an elegant dinner with business partners only four courses.

Of course, it also depends on whether you want to go to a concert at the Gewandhaus before or after the meal, or what your plans are for the evening. I simply like it when guests are allowed to express their wishes and the kitchen and the chef respond to them.

Villers Restaurant Leipzig – Fine Dining Experience with Hannes Schlegel – Experience the Gourmet Festival

Often one would like to sniff also first once into the Fine Dining range and try different courts. In Leipzig there is the Gourmetfestival now already for the 15th time and guests have the possibility selected point cooks to look over the shoulder and to try different courts in the house.

For this purpose, the entire Fürstenhof is transformed into a small culinary mile with a courtyard garden, the elegant lobby, the Vinothek 1770 and many other places. Whether oysters or champagne, culinary surprises or popular classics – at the Gourmet Festival you will always find new ideas and also have the chance to experience top chefs in one place.

Last year, for example, Hannes Schlegel invited Saxony’s youngest star chef Benjamin Biedlingmaier, Johannes Wallner from the restaurant “Clara” in Erfurt, Marcello Fabbri from the “Anna Amalia” in Weimar, and Ronny Siewert from the restaurant “Friedrich Franz” in the Grand Hotel Heiligendamm.

These top chefs are then supported by various local restaurants, chefs and gourmet suppliers. Thus a mad entrance succeeds for each guest into the experiences of the elevated kitchen, because only the courts must be paid. These start already from EUR 1.50 and a further entrance is not due.

The dates for the 15th Gourmet Festival are:

  • Friday, September 7: 18:00 – 22:00
  • Saturday, September 8: 16:00 – 22:00
  • Sunday, September 9th: 12:00 – 18:00

So you can decide spontaneously to visit the Gourmet Festival or combine it directly with a trip to Leipzig and an overnight stay at the Hotel Fürstenhof Leipzig.

Villers Restaurant Leipzig – Fine Dining Experience with Hannes Schlegel – come home and enjoy

There are those restaurants and places in the world where you just want to return and immediately feel good again. Sometimes it’s hotels, restaurants or just places you haven’t seen in years and yet feel like it was just yesterday.

The Villers and the Hotel Fuerstenhof is such a place for me, whether for an overnight stay, a nice breakfast or an elegant dinner in Leipzig.

Its central location near the main train station makes it easy to reach at any time, a nice meeting place on the edge of the city center. Within a very short time you have forgotten that you are near the city ring and enjoy the time.

I will certainly be back at the Hotel Fürstenhof in the future and of course at Villers. In addition, a small tip from me – at breakfast definitely try the “Eggs Benedict” at Villers! In my opinion one of the best egg dishes in a German luxury hotel.

But now have fun with your next guest in Leipzig and maybe we will see you at the Gourmet-Festival.

March 2021: Due to COVID the hotel was closed in March 2021. A date for the reopening has not yet been set – currently conversion and renovation work is taking place.

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