Quarré Restaurant Berlin – Golden Currywurst in Adlon Hotel

Quarré Restaurant Berlin - Golden Currywurst in Adlon Hotel - Eat Currywurst in Berlin with a view of the Brandenburg Gate in the Kempinski Adlon luxury hotel - Golden Currywurst with gold leaf in Berlin in ADLON Hotel Kempinski Order Currywurst, Restaurant Quarré

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Berlin and currywurst simply belong together, but a golden currywurst? As well as the ADLON Hotel and the Brandenburg Gate, the Ku’damm and its history and of course the various remnants of the Berlin Wall, which can be found as a memorial in the city. Berlin is different and that always fascinates me – every Berlin visit is different. My first thought of Currywurst and Berlin was, however, a chip shop on the side of the road, plus wonderfully delicious fries and watching the passing cars.

To eat a currywurst with a view of the Brandenburg Gate, we then but already more difficult – no direct stands on Pariser Platz or on the way between the Victory Column and Brandenburg Gate. Some small stands are on the way to the gate, but with the special flair? Rather less!

If I had not been at the “Swinging Sunday” at the ADLON Hotel Kempinski the day before and had seen other guests next to my High-Tea-Ceremony, who seem to have ordered a urst, I would never have had the idea to eat a currywurst at the ADLON. The thoughts are too contradictory – currywurst and Adlon? That simply can’t fit.

Quarré Restaurant Berlin - Golden Currywurst in Adlon Hotel - Eat Currywurst in Berlin with a view of the Brandenburg Gate in the Kempinski Adlon luxury hotel - Golden Currywurst with gold leaf in Berlin in ADLON Hotel Kempinski Order Currywurst, Restaurant Quarré


When you see guests in the lobby ordering a currywurst in the afternoon or early evening, I too am starting to feel like just trying a currywurst in Berlin. But with a view of the Brandenburg Gate?

I had already seen guests sitting on the first floor before my visits to the ADLON and found it fascinating – a dreamlike view certainly from the restaurant Quarré to the Brandenburg Gate and already at the first breakfast in the hotel I was allowed to enjoy the incredible view for the first time.

Impressive, if one stands as a tourist on the Pariser Platz and sees the building, but probably even more beautiful, if one sits with a warm cappuccino at the breakfast, the business lunch (with which, each course is served guaranteed in 15 minutes) or also enjoys the dinner.

An illuminated Brandenburg Gate, a currywurst ADLON style, that’s how I imagined a nice evening. The question – will it be possible at the ADLON – or is it a special request? No on the contrary – the golden currywurst was to my surprise, also the SIGNATURE DISH at the ADLON Hotel Berlin.


The service courteous – a friendly greeting, beautifully set tables and the first view of the illuminated Brandenburg Gate. A table by the window – the direct view of the gate possible, what is now missing, my personal golden currywurst.

A look at the menu and the first positive surprise, the prices very fair. At the neighboring table a small group who have ordered a multi-course menu. Tempting and very nicely arranged, I was once again briefly hesitating – but for this evening I wished “Golden Currywurst” – “Currywurst with a view of the Brandenburg Gate and with gold leaf”.

That my wish was not unique, I had discovered at the latest in the menu. Unbelievable 6.100 times the golden Currywurst was ordered in the last year alone in the ADLON hotel Kempinski – Germany far over 850 million regular Currywürste, whether at the domestic grill, in the frying pan or at any snack bar in Germany.

A success story that Herta Heuwer certainly could not have imagined when she prepared the first curry sausage in 1949 at a snack bar in Berlin Charlottenburg. A special sauce with curry powder, Worcestershire sauce, tomato paste and other secret ingredients – and a good sausage.

It is these special ingredients that make every currywurst special and so there is also a secret to the golden currywurst at the Brandenburg Gate in the ADLON Hotel.

The essential ingredient besides the sauce of the golden curry sausage is of course the meat and this is taken from the Havelländer apple pig, which is fed in species-appropriate breeding with natural apple residues.

Taste-wise and of course also from the sight an absolute fulfillment. Who would have thought it possible to eat a typical Berlin curry sausage at the ADLON Berlin. Admittedly, the golden currywurst has a little more ambience, is refined in an elegant way and is simply a great consideration. Here again a great and typical “signature dish” was chosen.

If you ever play with the thought – to try a golden currywurst in Berlin with the special view – there is no better choice than the Quarré Restaurant, the lobby in the afternoon or in summer even the terrace of the ADLON and then just once, enjoy a “currywurst” with style.


In the restaurant Quarré, under the direction of Erik Kliemt, you will of course find many other dishes, which to my surprise are wonderfully natural, regional and down-to-earth.

As you can see in the photos, we had a very good Wiener schnitzel with fried potatoes and, for dessert, cheesecake according to grandmother’s recipe, as well as sorbet variations.

Just the composition of the menu, the friendly service and the special view make the Quarré within the ADLON Hotel Berlin, a great start to the evening.

I was surprised how many young guests met at the hotel in the evening, ate a Golden Currywurst with gold leaf and just wanted to enjoy the view while having dinner.

I’m sure it was certainly not the last currywurst I enjoyed ADLON with the great view and look forward to meeting my readers there in the future then by chance “for a currywurst in Berlin”….

It was a nice evening – with a great view and a particularly tasty currywurst…. Anytime again and in the next few days I’ll really tell you if there is a table grill in a 2-star Michelin restaurant….

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