Cooking with Coca-Cola? Coca-Cola Summerlunch – Variations of the Summer Bowl

Cooking with Coca-Cola? Coca-Cola Summerlunch - Variations of the Summer Bowl - Coca-Cola Summerlunch - Cooking with Coca-Cola - Patrick Voeltz cooks Summer Bowl, Tiger Prawns - Foodtrend Bowls - vegetarian bowl cooking, what ingredients do I need for a yakitori sauce?

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Cooking with Coca-Cola was unimaginable for me for a long time. A nice chilled Coca-Cola in a glass with a nice meal in the garden, anytime gladly. I like all varieties, whether Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola light or Coke Zero, and I found the invitation to the Coca-Cola Summerlunch and Learn in Hamburg all the more interesting. Especially these events and conversations give me as a food blogger and lifestyle blogger new ideas for my own dishes. As a food blogger, you’re always a touch experimental and I was excited to share my experiences.

Can you cook with Coca-Cola? Variations of the Summer Bowl

The summer event took place at the Kochschule at Gaswerk 1 in Hamburg-Altona. A large show kitchen, a beautiful roof terrace and a lovingly and long set table made you want to cook and have good conversations.

In keeping with the event, Arno Steguweit from Wine & Waters was there to introduce the special features of carbonated and non-carbonated water as a water summerlier, as well as the well-known Hamburg scene chef Patrick Voeltz from the restaurant “Das Weiße Haus” as a chef.

Cooking with Coca-Cola? Coca-Cola Summerlunch - Variations of the Summer Bowl - Coca-Cola Summerlunch - Cooking with Coca-Cola - Patrick Voeltz cooks Summer Bowl, Tiger Prawns - Foodtrend Bowls - vegetarian bowl cooking, what ingredients do I need for a yakitori sauce?

Patrick Voeltz stands in Hamburg for an honest and modern kitchen, the guest in the center and the ingredients come from the region. After stations in the historic Ratsweinkeller, where international guests still dine today, the star restaurant Cölln’s Austernstuben and after collaborations with Tim Mälzer and Anna Sgroi, Patrick Voeltz has been responsible for “Das Weiße Haus” since 2011.

The relaxed and down-to-earth nature of the restaurant is also immediately reflected at the Coca-Cola Summerlunch, chefs and summerliers at your fingertips and a Coca-Cola brand that is versatile and modern.

After a delicious and refreshing aperitif (topped up with ViO BiO carbonated cucumber), we got down to cooking and the secrets of why many chefs use Coca-Cola in the kitchen.

I can still remember my first contact with cucumber lemonade, it was a warm summer evening and as a surprise they had provided iced “cucumber lemonade” for the guests. After initial skepticism about cucumber and lemonade, the entire supply of cucumber lemonade was drunk by the evening of the event.

It tastes light, it tastes refreshing and cooling at the same time. Once you’ve tried cucumber lemonade, you can’t get away from it – so I was all the more pleased to see that ViO BiO cucumber lemonade was also available this time.

According to Arno Steguweit, a special feature of a carbonated aperitif at lunchtime without alcohol is the invigorating function of the carbonic acid. The body thus receives a light motivation after four hours in the office at lunch and is more productive for the next hours. In contrast, an aperitif with alcohol would lower productivity and make the body feel heavier.


For appetizers, Patrick Voeltz then picked up on the trend of the year – “Bowls” – whether hot or cold, whether with baked tiger prawns or as a vegetarian option with baked green asparagus in tempura on a Spicy Mango Cucumber Tartare with peanuts and a Yakitori Sauce.

The preparation of the yakitori sauce was then also responsible for the first contact with Coca-Cola in a meal. The lemongrass was traditionally lightly tapped to better activate the flavors. For this purpose, a pot or even a meat mallet can be used.

Then, with the white wine, reduce the lemongrass to half and add the Coca-Cola, reduce to a quarter and strain through a fine sieve. Then mix with the soy sauce and bring to the desired consistency with sauce thickener.

The Coca-Cola in the yakitori sauce gives it a fluffy flavor and a very special touch. I will definitely be trying it out again in private at my place in the next few days.

I can also post the whole recipe for the Bowl Hot & Cold with Tiger Prawns online again on the blog if you like.

SUMMER BOWL – Asian vegetable bowl – optionally with tofu, tuna or beef

The main course followed the general trend for bowls and Patrick Voeltz showed once again how easy and fast good and delicious bowls can be conjured.

One can prepare the various ingredients already at rest and also prepare the broth in advance. In this case, soup chicken was used (of course, clean thoroughly with cold water) which you can simmer gently for 2.5 to 3 hrs and then fill up with other ingredients as desired.

In the case of our bowl at the Coca-Cola Summerlunch, the ingredients used included mushrooms, bean sprouts, spring lentils, cherry tomatoes, glass noodles, cilantro, snow peas and pointed cabbage.

Of course, the right cooking time always depends on the size and can be customized.

I always find a bowl absolutely perfect, especially in the summer, especially if you are in a group with friends, everyone can choose the ingredients that you like.

As a drink I have with me in the case the new ViO BiO LiMO light lemon lime mint. I already knew the regular ViO BiO, the light version fits of course even better to the summer.

I especially like these drinks in the summer months and always have a light lemonade in my purse most of the time too. My favorite flavors are usually lime, mint and elderberry.

AVOCADO TARTE – With Raspberry Coulis and Green Tea Ice Cream

For a special finishing touch, I had an avocado tart with raspberry coulis and green tea ice cream. I’m always happy to see special presentations, especially with desserts, and I’m generally a fan of desserts in small glasses.

The base was made with fine almonds and honey to form a sticky dough and then cut into suitable pieces by cooling afterwards. Boiled, pureed and strained the raspberries and then added maple syrup to taste. It not only looks incredibly beautiful, but also tastes very good.

Of course, an espresso must not be missing to go with it. For me also again a new experience, because of Coca-Cola there is recently also coffee with the name “Chaqwa”. The taste is strong and intense, without strong bitterness.

Still or sparkling water

Another very interesting point of the event was the presentation by Arno Steguweit and the special features of still or carbonated water. Coca-Cola also offers different types of water with Apollinaris, Bonaqa and ViO, whether still, slightly carbonated or even sparkling – all wishes are taken into account.

Often the taste of the water also depends on the food, for example, if I want to drink a coffee, a still water is more recommended, which calms the taste buds and prepares them for the absorption of the various flavors. Drinking carbonated water beforehand would rather emphasize the bitter substances and give the wrong impression of coffee.

Similarly, if you like to drink red wine at dinner, for example, you will perceive the wine quite differently with the water. You should always choose what personally tastes best, but there are a few rules that Arno Steguweit, as a water and wine sommelier, is happy to explain in detail to his guests.

Coca-Cola Summerlunch – A lunch with many new ideas

For me the Coca-Cola Summerlunch was a great event, which gave many new insights into the kitchen and let me perceive the brand “Coca-Cola” in a completely different way.

Through the input of Patrick Voeltz and Arno Steguweit, it was also possible to look at the benefits of Coca-Cola’s products in a completely new way. In the next few weeks, I will certainly report in more detail about the “Coca-Cola” brand, because I find it simply too exciting to clear up some of the misconceptions that have also made me think again and again.

I currently have a Coca-Cola light on my table – nicely iced and I’m enjoying the taste right now and looking forward to the garden party with my friends tonight.

I can only recommend you the different bowls also once for the sauce with Coca-Cola, just like the new ViO BiO lemonades. If you wish I can publish the recipes again…. have a great summer and have fun with your kitchen ideas….

For me, after great impressions and new experiences, I went back to my hotel in Hamburg – with the perfect view and thinking about what I want to cook soon.

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