Coast Restaurant Frankfurt – From Canada to Tierra del Fuego – Pacific cuisine in one evening

Coast Restaurant Frankfurt - From Canada to Tierra del Fuego - Pacific cuisine in one evening - Pan-Pacifica cuisine - Restaurants at Radisson Blu Frankfurt - Seafood, special spices and meat - the COAST Restaurant in Frankfurt under Marijan Mahlmann

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Time to try the Coast Restaurant in Frankfurt. If I had been asked beforehand what to expect from a typical Pacific cuisine, the thought would have been fish and seafood and probably lots of spices. It was again one of my spontaneous commitments for a restaurant visit, it sounded nice, I was on the spot and had not even considered the menu at COAST Restaurant in Frankfurt (Franklinstraße 65, 60486 Frankfurt am Main). Canada and Chile stand for good steaks, Mexico as well – so what should happen to me?


Upon entering the restaurant on the first floor, I looked at the menu for the first time. First to get an impression of the prices for the dishes and on the other hand to let the structure of the menu, the selection of dishes and also a couple of typical dishes affect me.

The Coast Restaurant with large glass panes provided, on the back a large bar and an open kitchen. I just like it as a guest when you can literally watch how food is processed, what the climate is in the kitchen and how my ordered courses are created.

It’s also always a good indicator to see how quickly the food is served to the guest, how good the service is and if you had to wait longer for each course. During my visit the day before the blogger workshop, the service was exceptionally good and courteous – the explanation of the dishes detailed and informative.

Before I wanted to get to grips with the various dishes, the opportunity arose to talk to the chef in charge, Marijan Mahlmann, about the philosophy and your cuisine. It is always important for me to learn the thoughts of the chef in order to understand what journey I am about to embark on.

The concept in the COAST restaurant in Frankfurt is very well thought out and has also taken away some of my inhibitions as a neutral guest for some food combinations. From north to south – the coast as a dividing line between sea and land – and also as a dividing line on the plate. Dishes and spices from different countries are mixed to guarantee a special taste experience – which one does not forget so fast.

The note on the menu – “Traditional dishes – bold and reinterpreted” should really be taken as a hint… because at the first glance at the menu you will notice interesting combinations, such as

  • Beef tenderloin cooked in banana leaf with smoked salmon mousse on braised beetroot and baked potato
  • Stuffed suckling pig chops with cranberries, parmesan and “Holy Trinity
  • Peppered redfish fillet with milk chocolate & “gachas de maíz peruano
  • Linguine with gorgonzola seafood ragout and white chocolate

However, my personal highlight from the menu was “rump steak with cinnamon shrimp & papaya salsa served with braised apple puree”. I absolutely could not imagine what a good rump steak with braised applesauce and cinnamon shrimp would taste like. I like applesauce, I like cinnamon at Christmas time, and I like shrimp. But all separate and especially not together on my plate.

But I was ready for the journey through the kitchen, I wanted to experience the “Pan-Americana” and taste the best from North to South. It was allowed to mix and match and I was looking forward to delicious – and most importantly – unique – moments at COAST Restaurant in Frankfurt.

I wanted to be surprised by Marijan Mahlmann and the kitchen team at the Coast Restaurant Frankfurt and only specified the intolerance – but what I then received surprised even me again.

Marijan Mahlmann then served a cross-section of the cuisine and already when serving the dishes it became clear – here not only the cuisine is different, but also the presentation of the dishes. The fact that this is a normal “Pan-American Restaurant” had long been forgotten and with some courses one felt directly reminded of a good fine-dining restaurant in Frankfurt.

Throughout the evening, the following dishes were served at Coast Restaurant and all were found to be very good:

  • Ceviche `Pacific’ tuna marinated with lime, kumquat, banana, coconut, garlic, chili & cracked pepper served with smoked popcorn.
  • Grilled scallops with three toppings (mango chorizo, chili apple, passion fruit spring onion)
  • Fish soup – a touch of Costa Rica
  • Rump steak (250g) with cinnamon shrimp & papaya salsa served with braised apple puree
  • Grilled lemon chicken breast with vanilla marinated fennel-pomelo vegetables
  • “Limquat” cream with citrus fruit ragout.

It’s really hard to pick a personal favorite at Coast Restaurant from the various courses. There are always little things that make the evening and each course special. I don’t usually eat fish soup, but this soup had more of a “fish fillet meets a good sauce” feel to it and I would order it again in a heartbeat.

For those who would like to try or enjoy eating scallops, try the scallops with three toppings. It’s a completely different flavor and especially delicious. It reminded me of my restaurant visit a few months ago where oysters were served with mango – also a perfect combination that must be experienced first.

The real flavor highlight for me, however, was the rump steak mentioned above. You simply have to have experienced it and should in no case cancel the applesauce or the cinnamon shrimp. Simply the combination makes this course special and you immediately want to experience it again. The familiar taste of the rump steak is somewhat softened by the applesauce, the cinnamon shrimp initially reminds you of the pre-Christmas season, and yet the combination fits perfectly and you would immediately reorder more shrimp.

Coast Restaurant Frankfurt - From Canada to Tierra del Fuego - Pacific cuisine in one evening - Pan-Pacifica cuisine - Restaurants at Radisson Blu Frankfurt - Seafood, special spices and meat - the COAST Restaurant in Frankfurt under Marijan Mahlmann


    Franklinstrasse 65
    60486 Frankfurt am Main
    11:30 – 23:00

The COAST concept is a very courageous, but special concept, which I would like to experience again immediately after the first visit. One should not be “deterred” – as I was – by the combinations on the menu but rather be openly advised by the staff which dish to choose. I have done it more often and just let myself be surprised.

If one would tell the guest only later what he would have eaten actually – so many guests would be surprised and would be nevertheless inspired.

The arrangement of the dishes, the service, as well as the modern and courageous interpretation of the cuisine would also be very well located in a fine dining or star restaurant. Marijan Mahlmann succeeds in reinterpreting the cuisine and conjuring up a special highlight in Frankfurt. I would not have been surprised if these food creations had been rewarded with a star.

One can only wish Marijan Mahlmann and the team all the best and I am looking forward to the next visit in Frankfurt…

Update: The COAST Restaurant has since closed, and current options include the Circle Bar & Lounge, Greenyard Terrace and Gaia Restaurant.

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